PLA5456 Twin

Network Powerline Zyxel  (PLA5456 Twin)

1800 Mbps / 2 x GbE Port / 2x PLA5456

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Standard Compliant with HomePlug AV2
IEEE 1901 and HomePlug AV standard
Powerline Data Rate Transmit: up to 1800 Mbps*
Receive: up to 1800 Mbps*
Access Methods CSMA/CA channel-access schemes
HomePlug Modulation OFDM symbol modulation
QAM 4096/1024/256/64/16
QPSK, BPSK, ROBO carrier modulation schemes
Range Max. range up to 300 meters over power line
Security 128-bit AES encryption
Frequency Band 2 MHz to 86 MHz
Bundle 2x PLA5456
Warranty Lifetime