iVMS-4200 Client Software

  • All the published Hikvision devices are connectable, such as network cameras, DVR, DVS, decoder etc.
  • Modularity servers provide scalable installation for different software modules;
  • High-definition devices are supported.
  • Friendly GUI for an easy operation.
  • Grouping channels for unified management.
  • Multi-level user management;
  • Easy operation on alarm and event data;
  • Configurable live view screen display and multiple screens live view is provided;
  • Playback record and pictures easy search and filter.
[grve_single_image image_type=”image” animation_delay=”200″ image=”959″ retina_image=”959″]
Live View: Up to 64 camera on a single screen.
Connections: Up to 256 devices and 1024 channels.
Playback: Up to 16 channels playback synchronously.
System Log: Unlimited.
Map: Support BMP and JPEG images. Nested maps supported.
PTZ: Control, presets, patrols, USB Joysticks supported.
Device Search: Supports Search Activated Device Protocol (SADP)
Device Config.: Supports remote programming and configuration of any connected device. Features Add Device Wizard.
Video Wall: Supports Hikvision Decoders.